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Smart Lighting/Controls

Indoor Air Quality


Water Filtration

Rainwater Management

Green Building Certifications

To provide timely Information, Products and Services as it relates to the construction of Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly, Healthy and Safe Buildings.

Our believe is that every little bit helps. Relative improvments are important and our goal is to help identify and implement those things that are easiest and most affordable to do right now.

We can provide a detailed analysis of your property and show you where you will get the best results for your effort and money. We can also provide the expertise and materials for many of these items ourselves or can manage the process for you with the appropriate providers.

As a Florida Green Building Coalition Certifying Agent, we can certify your new development or renovation and we can also create awareness of Federal, State and Local programs that may be available to help you with cost's and materials. If you are considering Developing or Renovating properties that can benefit from our services, we hope that you will give us a call.